Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nextet New Music Concert No. 2, Fall 2009

Nextet New Music Concert No. 2, Fall 2009
UNLV Doc Rando Recital Hall, Beam Music Center
November 3, 7:30pm
Las Vegas, NV

Featuring music by David Crumb, Brian Penkrot, Emily Lawlor, and Jason Thorpe Buchanan.

Brian Penkrot - Rites of the Little Hours for Percussion Trio (2009)
Emily Lawlor - Ununoctium for Oboe & Guitar (2009)
Jason Thorpe Buchanan - -The Gods of Pegãna for Nonet (2009)
David Crumb - Improvisations on an English Folk Tune (2005)

Featuring performances by many UNLV students, faculty and professionals including:
Donnie Malpass, Flute
Alex Ryuta Hayashi, Oboe
Tom Kmiecik, Clarinet / Bass clarinet
K.C. Chai, Bassoon
Fred Stone, Horn
Crystal Yuan, Viola
Zoë Kohen Ley, Cello
Gregory König, Guitar
Daniel Alameda, Percussion
Deborah Carpi, Percussion
Melody Loveless, Percussion
Corene Peltier, Percussion
Anna Kijanowska, Piano
Virko Baley, Conductor

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notation Workshops: Score and part preparation

Tuesday April 21st 2-4pm and Wednesday April 22nd 10-noon

Guest composer/copyist Dr. Matthew Van Brink will hold four hour-long workshops on score and part preparation here at UNLV. This event is open to all UNLV music students. Location is TBA.

The ability to create fantastic-looking scores is an invaluable resource in the composer’s toolkit. Immaculate scores and parts reduce ambiguities, make rehearsals more effective, and result in better performances and interpretations. Succeeding as a composer certainly requires more than just beautiful notation, but taking time to perfect a score can reap benefits for years. I have edited scores for several major music publishers, and I am a composer and performer myself. In my notation workshops, I bring these experiences to students. There are three possible formats for the workshop: 1) a multimedia lecture using scores by students in attendance, 2) a series of small-group one-hour lessons, or 3) a combination of both, in which the score improvement techniques are reinforced through a second encounter. The workshops are geared toward undergraduate and graduate composers, though advanced high school-age students would find it useful as well. Participating students should choose their best pieces, so that the improved, workshopped version will show their finest work in the finest light.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cristina Valdes, pianist, in recital - Spring 2009
UNLV Doc Rando Recital Hall, Beam Music Center
March 11, 8:00pm
Las Vegas, NV

With special guests: Wei-wei Lei, violin & Andrew Smith, cello

New Music Featuring works by:

Carlos Sanchez Gutierrez - Mana a Mana

Oliver Knussen - Prayer Bell Sketch

German Cacares - Tiento VI

Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann - Tres Piezas para Piano

Jason Thorpe Buchanan - Karttikeya (Study No. 1)
*World Premiere*

Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon - Jacaras (for piano, violin and cello)

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nextet New Music Concert No. 2, Spring 2009
UNLV Doc Rando Recital Hall, Beam Music Center
March 11, 6:00pm
Las Vegas, NV

New Music Featuring Student Compositions:

Cancion De Amor by Carlos Carrasco
for soprano, flute, violin, cello and piano.

On The Shortness Of Time by Anthony Walter
for soprano, cello, percussion and piano.

Song Of Liberty (Excerpt) by Brian Penkrot
for soprano, flute, cello percussion and piano.

Montage by Dennis Reyes
for soprano, flute, violin, percussion and piano.

Songs of Moonlight & Shadows by Jason Thorpe Buchanan
for soprano, alto flute, cello, percussion and piano.

My Second Childhood by Ofri Klein
for soprano, flute, cello, celesta and piano.
(chorus members tba)


Jorge Villavicencio-Grossmann, conductor
Arsenia Soto, soprano
Megan Lanz, alto flute
Farah Zolghadr, flute
Raymond Sicam, cello
Ryan Simm, percussion
Joseph Chudyk, percussion
Carolyn Villavicencio-Grossmann, piano
Crystal Yuan, violin
Alissa Fleming, violin
Dennis Reyes, celesta

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Nextet New Music Concert No. 1, Spring 2009

Nextet New Music Concert No. 1, Spring 2009
UNLV Doc Rando Recital Hall, Beam Music Center
February 4, 7:30pm
Las Vegas, NV


The Lofty and the Beautiful Tyler Mckusick
Farah Zolghadr - flute

In the Beginning Chelsea Olson
Farah Zolghadr - flute
Daniel Alameda - marimba

A Howl in F for solo Trumpet Brian Penkrot
Steve Trinkle - trumpet

Five Bagatelles for Horn & Marimba Jason Thorpe Buchanan
Ryan Simm - marimba
Bryce Nakaoka - horn

In Praise of Shadows (flute solo) Lei Liang
Jennifer Grim - flute

My Windows (piano solo) Lei Liang
Anna Kijanowska - piano